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When winter comes we want to be ready for winter challenges and seek supplements to improve our body’s resistance. Children are more prone health devastating effects of cold. Nutrigen propolis syrup with vitamins and minerals helps children to improve their overall health in cold times. Propolis with immunity supporting vitamins get your child be ready for winter.

In clinical trials, It is shown that despite age, all children, especially the ones attending to preschools and schools, are most likely to be highly susceptible to infections, particularly upper respiratory track infections, due to the environmental factors during autumn and winter. Sore throat, common cold and flu, otitis media and chronic sinusitis are the major disorders that occur frequently among school children. It is a rational approach to facilitate nutritional supplementation during autumn and winter times in order to decrease the risk of getting winter diseases.
Nutrigen Propolis Syrup helps children to recover easily from common bid and flu, makes them less dependent on antibiotics.
Propolis extract exerts anti-microbial and antioxidative activities. It is extensively used in foods and beverages, with the claim that it can maintain or improve human health.


Suggested Daily Intake:
1–3 years: Take 10 mL daily.
4–8 years: Take 15 mL daily.
8+ Years: Take 20 mL daily.

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily serving amount. Any food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


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